3 Smartphones of the Future, Now

March 7, 2014

The future of smartphone technology is here. It has been 41 years since the first successful cellphone call and 2014 is setting out to be one of the most important years to date for wireless telephony advancement. Engineering progression mixed with monumental cultural shifts have caused smartphone manufacturers to create devices that are incredibly forward-thinking in capability, security and artistry. These magnificent advances will enable enterprises everywhere to be equipped with the most advanced voice and data devices for maximized strategic wireless mobility.

iPhone 6

Apple’s continually escalating market prescnce pirmarily germinates from the significant rumor-mill built around the release of its annually updated iPhone. 2014 is no different as expectation for the iPhone 6 is already reaching a fever pitch months out from the smartphone’s official release (expected in July or September). What enables pre-iPhone press to be an industry in and of itself is Apple’s manufacturing supply chain which has reached a colossal scale, making it loud and leaky. The tech press naturally hone in on these manufacturing-movements to scoop early specs of the iconic device. So far the expectations for the iPhone 6 are as follows:

  • Two sizes of iPhone will be released, one being slightly larger than the current 5s and one being a 5-6 inch “phablet” sized device to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • The display will be scratch-proof sapphire glass for the first time, ditching Corning’s Gorilla Glass
  • An exciting display-lighting technology called “quantum dots” which is already found in some Amazon Tablets
  • The possibility of ultra-fast charging capabilities


With the current cultural shift towards maximized mobile security (especially in terms of data privacy due to NSA breaches of corporate devices) Blackphone, the device created by the partnership of tech-privacy gurus GeeksPhone and The Silent Circle, is seen as a revolution in private mobile tech. Built around a custom Android operating system called PrivatOS.

The Blackphone promises enterprise and government users complete control over airtight mobile voice and data communication:

Blackphone’s core applications combine world-leading commercial security tools with the transparency necessary to know what risks can be taken, and what should still be avoided. Make informed decisions about your exposure and movements, and retain control of your information footprint.”

Google Project “Ara”

Google recently ditched its mobile hardware pals Motorola, sloughing attempt at device manufacture. One of the properties that Google did not give back in the divorce (along with valuable patents) was Motorola’s Advanced Technology Group which is currently developing a brand new paradigm in smartphone tech code named Project “Ara”.

Project Ara’s goal is to create a modular smartphone that an end user would be able to completely customize from the hardware up. With a common chassis the device would be able to change its functionality from top to bottom with the addition or subtraction of snap in modules like cameras, extra storage and specially tuned speakers (to name a few). Project Ara has incredible implications for employees who need devices with specific functionality.

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