A culture of opportunity

November 10, 2020

According to Harvard Business Review, a survey was conducted in which 500 workers responded to “expecting to feel joy” when going into work when in reality less than 40% are actually glad to go into the office. The bottom line is that most Americans are more unsatisfied with their jobs than they are happy. This is a harsh reality for the working men and women in the U.S., but it does not have to be that way. 

Company culture is a vital part to a company’s long-term success, and now is true more than ever. Companies must find ways to constantly encourage and support their employees, otherwise, this depressive feeling can drastically weigh on people’s occupational performance levels.

It is because of these reasons Mindglobal has made it its mission to do exactly that: boost company culture in the face of a pandemic. 

One employee speaks out on the changes and notes, “The changes Mindglobal made by enabling most of the team to work from home was surprisingly positive and beneficial in many ways. Regardless of the COVID situation, this opportunity gave incredible benefits that increased my production, my sense of well being, and my overall happiness.” This revamped attitude toward the at-home work environment coupled with the “positive and welcoming” leadership style that our tenured management team has to offer has greatly attributed to Mindglobal’s continued success during these uncertain times. 

Plus a dad joke will be thrown around here and there to keep things fun. 

Dad joke


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