Amalgam Insights: CIO’s Guide for Managing Wireless Expenses in 2021

August 9, 2021

Mindglobal is pleased to be recognized as one of the leaders in Telecom Expense Management by Amalgam Insights in their 2021 CIO Guide.

This report comes in at a time when a third of the workforce may never go back to the office full-time, mobile data and app purchases have grown during the pandemic in an ungoverned fashion, and enterprises face the IT Rule of 30, Amalgam Insights’ rule stating that every unmanaged IT spend category averages a 30% opportunity to cut costs, including telecom, mobility, cloud, and software. As companies seek to support a New Normal hybrid workforce that can both work remotely and on-site with the same level of productivity, the demand for enterprise mobility is increasing rapidly.

Amalgam Insights sees Mindglobal’s take on optimization as one of its biggest differentiators. Financial analysts review customers’ data usage (domestic and international), voice, messaging, features, contracts, and billing each month, including both historical (the past three months) and real-time information. Mindglobal conducts assessments when it receives a clients’ raw data from the carrier. Analysts complete the evaluations within five days so to project each user’s consumption within the the bill cycle and adjust plans accordingly, rather than simply increasing thresholds….

Another differentiator lies in Mindglobal’s inclusion of BYOD. Many expense management firms overlook this configuration because the employer does not control the costs. Mindglobal views BYOD as a strategic piece of mobility and supports BYOD devices as managed inventory and with customer support for mobile device management, VPN installation, and setup….

Based on Mindglobal’s expertise and experience in mobility management, Amalgam Insights recommends that organizations with 3,000 or more devices consider Mindglobal as a solution, especially if these organizations have Latin American and other non-US mobile device environments. Mindglobal’s start as a wireless specialist results in decades of in-house deep knowledge of wireless and enterprise mobility pricing and support capabilities that allow Mindglobal to serve as a credible alternative and competitor for managing global wireless environments compared to larger vendors. Mindglobal’s additional focus on network and cloud speak to the increasing need to see mobility as both a core IT spend category and one that is touches other network and computing spend categories.

Amalgam Insights (AI) is a consulting and strategy firm focused on multiplying the value of technology by effectively managing the financial, operational, and human challenges of Digital Transformation. They help TEM vendors with strategy, product roadmap, thought leadership, and messaging challenges. They help enterprises with vendor selection across their coverage areas.

Learn more about the report here, or visit the Amalgam Insight website to purchase the guide.