AT&T Wired Airstreams – Or Do You Prefer Monthly or Annual Plans with your Airstream?

September 26, 2018

Several of the major carriers have been criticized for throttling data on their unlimited plans. So when AT&T recently announced a new program for Airstream travel trailer owners, offering a fixed price annual plan for these specific roving users, and claiming “unlimited with no throttling” we took notice.

Our last blog, AI & TEM, Yes It’s a Thing, described the increase of wireless connections to a multitude of devices and appliances. With this announcement, AT&T is taking AI to Airstream by building LTE services into select models of 2019 Airstream RVs, so customers can choose between a $25 per month plan that offers 5 GB of LTE-powered WiFi or a year of unlimited WiFi data for $360. Clearly, they’re going after this segment of the market directly.

Most new cars are now wired for hotspots, but not wired directly for a specific carrier.  We expect to see more of this type of partnering and targeting from other carriers as the battle for vehicle hotspots continues.

Read the entire article from Fierce Wireless – AT&T Intros New Unlimited Data Plan for Airstream RV Owners

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