BYOD Program

July 5, 2017

BYOD: What Does It Mean?

“BYOD”. This commonly referred to phrase can invoke feelings of freedom and feeling of confusion simultaneously for some individuals. BYOD means “Bring Your Own Device”. When employees bring their own devices, they’re able to have their custom programs and software already installed and have the comfortable feeling of working on a device which they not only complete 9-5 work with, but also personal work. This revolutionary dynamic promotes greater productivity levels and furthers the inviting qualities a familiar device can bring to the user. Another great component of a BYOD program is being able to knock out some quick emails after-hours if a tight deadline is approaching and it’s after-hours at the office. Being able to work from home and in a comfortable environment will further promote efficiency and productivity within your workforce while being able to communicate with your employees if needed. Mindglobal embraces the BYOD program to the fullest extent and we have seen our very own employees thrive with this innovative, forward-thinking approach to modern-day business dealings. We happily recommend and implement these very same processes for our clients at Mindglobal and have numerous case studies to demonstrate the stated effectiveness.


Is BYOD the Future?

With all of the connectivity amongst the world population, it’s easy to understand why BYOD is being heavily embraced amongst the workforce; both from an employer and employee perspective. Who would have thought we’d go from the days of a “work computer” in the 1990s-mid 2000s to our present-day solution where employees are encouraged to have a multitude of access points across their devices. As mentioned before, this dynamic promotes efficiency and effectiveness, but it also allows the employee to feel more in touch and passionate about the work they are doing while taking pride and ownership in all aspects of the company within their assigned role.


Choose Mindglobal, Choose BYOD

When you choose to work with Mindglobal, you’re not only choosing BYOD, you’re also choosing to work with all of our other innovative services and offerings which are exclusive to Mindglobal. Everything from our thoroughly-trained staff to our passion for providing solutions that not only help you maintain your business in an orderly fashion but help your business excel beyond your wildest imagination. If all of this sounds enticing and exciting, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll happily introduce you to the Mindglobal team and walk you through all dynamics of our great company. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!