Call Center vs Help Desk

March 19, 2017

Time and time again, companies come to us asking about our call center. And time and time again we have to tell them “I’m so sorry, we don’t have a call center. But I would be more than happy to talk about our help desk team.”

The difference between the two might seem trivial, but we take this difference seriously and believe it’s one of the most important components of successful mobile and wireless strategy. So what really is the difference? We’re glad you asked.


Call Center

  • Hire anyone who is capable of answering a phone and reading a script
  • Set up a call queue and let the next available representative answer
  • Treat all companies and users who call in the same way
  • Measure success based on numbers, not user satisfaction
  • High need for a warm connection with your internal IT group or the carrier
  • Oriented around high call volume, not high-resolution volume
  • Impersonal engagement with all users, don’t know them individually

Help Desk

  • Hire experts in a specific field who know it very well
  • Only route calls to representatives trained on your specific company
  • Cater their approach based on the requirements of each client
  • Measure success based on user satisfaction, not simply basic metrics
  • Capable of resolving any issues within their field
  • Oriented around high-resolution volume, not just high call volume
  • Know your users and answer the phone in a personalized way

If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between a wireless call center and wireless help desk, contact us at 512-615-7600 or