Signiant Saves Time, Money, and Improves Security with Cloud Check Ups

Growth in AWS use leads to challenges managing costs and changes

In 2012, Signiant began offering customers the ability to transfer large files using its Flight and Media Shuttle SaaS solutions. The company runs their services across a variety of cloud infrastructure providers with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the main provider.

Early on, Signiant found tracking changes and costs of their AWS accounts manageable. That was when they had only had one development account and one production account. As customer demand for their SaaS solutions grew, so did their use of cloud infrastructure.

Within months, Signiant had nine AWS accounts for various departments in the company including pre-sales, development, and production. Tracking changes, forecasting costs and monitoring for security across this many accounts became increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

The DevOps team began investigating third party solutions to help them:

  • Save money by proactively managing costs across their AWS infrastructure
  • Automate the purchasing on reserved instances (RIs) to optimize AWS spend
  • Improve security by managing numerous changes to AWS reserved instances (RIs)
  • Provide the finance team with self-service tools to obtain up-to-date costs for AWS investments


  • Signiant saw immediate value and saved over 8x what it spent for the cloud management evaluation and active management that Mindglobal can provide
  • Proactive help in reducing the attack surface to mitigate security risks. With Mindglobal’s services, TCO is reduced and accountability across key stakeholders can be increased