An Energy Company Saves $3.0MM

A global energy company had to lower their wireless costs to free up a portion of their budget to invest in the implementation of data applications that would make their operations more efficient. They turned to Mindglobal to analyze their billing – an analysis that identified over $3 million (35%) in savings.

The Challenge

With over 7,000 phones deployed in the United States alone, wireless costs exceeded $12 million annually creating a need to implement technologies that would drive operational efficiencies. To do this, the organization looked to its existing budget to find room to afford the added expense.

The Results

Mindglobal achieved an annual savings of just over $3 million, which was more than enough to implement the organization’s desired wireless data solutions. The savings for their approximately 7,000 U.S. based mobile phones exceeded 35%.

The results were attributed to the sophisticated optimization reviews performed by Mindglobal financial analysts, and their wireless industry knowledge, specifically most optimal practices and rate plans available. Mindglobal provided them an opportunity to hone their competitive edge without exceeding their budget.

These results do not reflect the administrative time and costs associated with internally managing wireless billing.