Carrier Negotiation Delivers $192K Credit

One of the nation’s largest beverage logistics and distribution companies contracted Mindglobal to manage, negotiate and optimize their 20,000 lines deployed across the U.S.

The Challenge

After a multi-year expansion boom, the Company knew they were likely paying for unused phones. Mindglobal currently manages approximately 20,000 wireless lines across the Company. Using monthly analysis of billing compared with usage identified and a full enrollment campaign conducted by Mindglobal, the total number of lines was reduced by 3,000 with the initial “zero usage” campaign, and continues to be a powerful tool to reduce waste during the bi-annual campaigns.

The Solution

A bonus saving was found during a routine monthly Rate Plan Analysis (RPA) by the Mindglobal Finance Team to ensure that clients are receiving the correct rate plan and prices/discounts per their carrier contracts. The team identified rate plan and line charges that were incorrectly charged by the carrier, over a 12-month period. Following almost two years of persistent carrier negotiation, Mindglobal had the charges rolled back to the correct amount and a credit for $192k applied to the client’s account.

The overall optimization achieved $37,019.20 monthly with annual savings of $444,230.40.

The power of Mindglobal software tools and the Finance Team’s expertise enables deep dives to uncover errors in bills for 20,000 lines.