Clients Weigh in at 98% Satisfaction with Mindglobal Services

Companies can define “customer-focused” in different ways; to some, it might mean being the can-do team who always comes through in times of crisis or urgency; to others, it could mean being the team that pushes back, offers a different opinion, and leads the customer to where they are strategically aiming. Either way, it’s an indicator of the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) that helps us know where we stand with our clients.

Mindglobal believes that by being honest and transparent in what value we provide our customers, and by being pleasant and enjoyable to work with, our team is able to focus on how to be the best partner to the customer. We believe that by building a relationship based on trust and expertise Mindglobal can provide the most strategic and financially advantageous managed services for fixed, wireless, and UCaaS telecom and IT needs. 

Recently we polled our customers across several sectors and industries to learn where we are succeeding and where we need to enhance our training or planning to deliver on all key areas for our customers. Some key takeaways include: 

  • Overall customer satisfaction and comfort in hiring Mindglobal again: 98%
  • Quality of services offered: 95%
  • Value of services offered: 95%

Mindglobal is different because we hold monthly rate plan review meetings with our clients, quarterly business reviews where we share industry trends and emerging strategies, and annual usage audits to help recoup hardware expenses and cancel unused plans. 

If you are not 98% satisfied with the current way your company is managing its wireless, data, wireline, and IoT licenses, consider asking us for our insight. We’d be happy to get to know you and your business.



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