Engineering Firm Increases Savings 304%

One of the world’s largest, publicly owned engineering and construction services organizations was exploring ways to curb their wireless spending with Mindglobal. Over the past century this organization, through its operating subsidiaries, had become a global industry leader providing exceptional expertise and technical support to customers in a wide variety of businesses worldwide.

The Challenge

As this worldwide enterprise grew, so did its wireless costs. Mindglobal was brought in to manage the billing process for one of the organization’s operating companies. The remaining operating companies’ wireless phones were to be supervised by internal staff who would work with their carriers to optimize wireless spending over the same time period. This allowed for a meaningful comparison of the two options.

The Results

Mindglobal achieved an annual savings per phone that was 304% greater than that achieved through internal, carrier-supported efforts. The following chart documents the overall savings realized:


Wireless Optimization Chart with Mindglobal

Mindglobal management saves $566/phone/year

Mindglobal was able to achieve an annual savings for each phone that was $426 greater than that achieved through internal efforts – a direct result of optimal realized cost per minute.

The difference in results can be attributed to the sophisticated analysis performed by Mindglobal’s statisticians and their expertise with best practices and rate plans availability. Recognizing the significant savings opportunities and the time value of outsourcing this business practice, Mindglobal is now achieving similar results company-wide.

Note: These results do not reflect the administrative time and costs associated with internally managing wireless billing.