How the general economic impact of 2020 has affected Mindglobal? 

Our company has not been immune to the economic influences of COVID. Some of it has been due to changes in our clients’ business operations and some due to the fear of uncertainty and the human inclination to “pause” new initiatives in times of change.  Many of our clients have been significantly impacted by COVID and the subsequent shutdowns of our economy. Our clients in the travel, hotel, restaurant and retail shopping industries have been hit particularly hard. Even with that, we are optimistic about our future at Mindglobal. In fact, we have recently added new clients to our roster and expanded services to several clients.

As reported by the Austin Business Journal, over 50% of households have reported income reductions in 2020.  We know personally several of our friends and family have experienced these impacts.  We are thankful that Mindglobal has not had to resort to these measures. Instead, we have focused our efforts on reducing expenses in non-personnel areas as much as possible.

With this said, it is imperative that our team remains focused on a few key areas in which we can all make an impact:

  • Maintaining our existing client revenue by each of us continuing working at a high level to keep our clients happy and helping them realize the value we deliver.
  • Seeking growth with existing and new clients.
  • Identifying further cost reduction opportunities and efficiencies.

As a company, we are continually striving to add more clients to our portfolio while growing our existing client base. In line with this, we will be making some investments to improve our solution offering at Mindglobal expanding our fixed and cloud offering. We are poised for delivering significant value for our clients and positioned and ready for growth.  It will be up to all of us to do our part to contribute to this future.