Industrial Firm Saves $1.5MM

Wireless TEM Save Industrial Services Firm $1.5 MM in First Year

A Fortune 1000 industrial services firm faced the challenge of developing a well-managed wireless telecommunication expense program across its numerous and varied operating companies. With Mindglobal at the helm, annual savings of more than $1.5 million were achieved.

The Challenge

This major services company had grown through the acquisition of over 100 companies across the US, with offices in all 50 states. The majority of employees in this company relied heavily on wireless devices and viewed their mobile communication ability as essential to executing their daily tasks effectively.

Despite the convenience and efficiencies of providing wireless capability to its employees, the company was faced with an annual wireless expense of over $6 million. Without effective cost-management strategies in place, their anticipated expenses would continue to increase as dependence on wireless devices grew and as vendor services and rate plans became more complex.

The Solutions

Mindglobal created and managed an end-to-end wireless expense management solution.

At the initial point of engagement, this company was employing the services of over 26 wireless vendors. After surveying the various operating companies and evaluating the best alternatives, Mindglobal created a comprehensive wireless program by implementing contracts with 5 major carriers, creating efficient ordering solutions and employing billing strategies that agreed with their existing business practices.

The Results

Currently, this company is realizing annual wireless savings greater than $1.5 million. Ongoing, proactive mobile management ensures continuous billing optimization.