Industry Leading Help Desk Stats Garners Kudos from Clients

Part of the holistic managed mobility services that Mindglobal offers to our clients is a help desk, focused on supporting their employees who need assistance with their company-issued or BYOD smartphones, tablets, MiFi devices, etc. Our Operations team offers kitting, procurement, branded and detailed instruction guides, and a help desk covering inbound calls and emails. 

Occasionally, our operations team receives unsolicited feedback about our help desk team members. Whether it’s saving them time, seeking out and applying the best solution, or merely being a friendly voice, we appreciate the dedication our team shows to representing our clients with their employees. 

“I just got off the phone with one of the Mindglobal representatives. I just wanted to give her kudos or a shout-out for being very helpful, attentive, and driving to ensure our success. She went above and beyond to ensure that my problem was solved and had a great attitude the whole time.” – Manager, construction industry

“Thank you for the follow-up! I know this process has been a headache, but you have been exceptional throughout. I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to go above and beyond while keeping a positive attitude.” –Sales Engineer, aviation industry

“I cannot say enough Thank you, Thank you!  Your continued effort to correct my cellular phone issues was above and beyond a normal service call. Over the course of about a week with multiple phone calls you were able to get my phone reactivated after it was disconnected due to international travel…. Every time I contacted you about these interruptions you were always ready to help, polite, and apologetic (even though it wasn’t your fault).  Your dedication to resolving my issue is a testament to your work ethic that is a joy to see and a rarity these days.” – Project Manager, environmental science industry

“Today one of your agents helped me to figure out a complicated request that my boss (who recently retired) was having issues with.  She came across with understanding and empathy and she made the phone call so easy and smooth.  I felt supported, and most importantly, that she was going to figure out a resolution to what I needed – and she DID!  She is an EXCELLENT Mindglobal rep!” Executive Assistant, healthcare industry

Across our clients, we serve more than 2 million end-users through our rate plan management and, employee portal and reporting, yet around 5% still need to speak with one of our customer service and IT help desk team members. 

In 2021, those calls were:

  • Live-answered = 94%*
  • Answered ≤ 30 seconds = 90%

Likewise, we helped nearly 10% of end-users via email: 

  • Average Time to resolve = 14 minutes*

*Both live-answer and average resolution time rates exceed the Mindglobal SLA guarantees


Read more about our Mindglobal Operations team and its leader, Keith Clark.