Is 5G the Next Big Thing? – Case Study

We’ve been talking about 5G as the ‘Next Big Thing’ for quite some time. In fact, in May of 2019, one in three Americans thought they already had 5G – and it didn’t launch until 18 months after this survey! Even CNET has concluded that unfortunately, “There is a bit of confusion, some of its own by the carriers themselves.”  

Mindglobal uncovered some of the myths and truths about 5G Networks and the devices necessary to support this new technology in our December 2020 webinar. Highlights from our thought leaders reveal:

  • 5G networks run over radio frequencies in 3 different bands (Low, Mid, and High a.k.a mmW), and to achieve the speeds boasted about by most carriers, one must be within one square mile, and direct line of sight of the tower to achieve those speeds
  • Mindglobal sees the following 5G use cases for your organization
    • Low Band – For rural offices, operations and travel conducted in rural areas
    • Mid Band – For general 5G access in urban environments and surrounding areas
  • Mindglobal also recommends updating your company’s mobile phone policy to reflect these changes to plans and hardware upgrades, as for the majority of people true 5G access will not be available in the near-term

For additional insights and context, please watch the 30-minute recorded webinar.

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