Leaf Group Manages AWS Resources Across Brands with Cloud Check Ups

How an Information Security team drives operational efficiency and greater security

With a set of diverse online brands, such as Society6, Well+Good, and Livestrong.com, Leaf Group must balance cloud computing costs with the need for greater security and compliance monitoring. The Cloud Check Up and Cloud Management services offered by Mindglobal enabled Leaf Group to aggregate data across Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts, gaining a single-pane view of essential cloud usage information.

As part of a complex organization spread out across the globe, the Information Security team at Leaf Group needed a tool that would help them reduce costs, perform security and compliance checks, and provide useful insights into their AWS accounts. Leaf Group’s Information Security team uses the active cloud management solutions provided by Mindglobal to zero in on puzzling cost issues, monitor compliance and security controls, and experience greater ease of use in managing their AWS environments.

Business Objectives

  • Reduce AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) costs for high-traffic e-commerce website Society6
  • Set accurate Identity & Access Management policies to mitigate security risks
  • Gain visibility into all AWS assets without needing to switch between accounts

The Results

  • A 25% decrease in monthly S3 costs for Society6 using cost management strategies
  • Better security monitoring to enforce stricter access policies across departments
  • Easily manage AWS Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates and compliance checks