Mindglobal has been working with a large international luxury retail brand with 100+ locations in the US and 50+ more international stores, to help manage their telecom expenses (TEM) since 2018. The company was concerned about the rising cost of wireless telecom expenses and approached Mindglobal to help them streamline and optimize their spending.

Mindglobal’s first step was conducting a comprehensive audit of the retail firm’s wireless accounts. The audit identified duplicate accounts, underutilized services, and overcharged accounts. Mindglobal also managed the negotiation process with carriers to ensure optimal pricing for the retail firm.

Through implementation of their telecom expense management Rate Plan Analysis (RPA) process, Mindglobal successfully reduced telecom expenses, streamlined processes, and generated savings for the retail brand. In particular, Mindglobal helped to eliminate more than 175 unused lines, and also found upwards of 1,000 instances of accounts being overcharged or mischarged based on negotiated plans.

As a result, the retail brand has seen tremendous savings. 313% ROI has been achieved since engaging Mindglobal’s services in 2018, and the company has saved over $605k in wireless telecom expenses. Mindglobal has also helped to improve the company’s internal workflows due to the centralized system put in place, which makes it easier to manage the company’s vast telecom infrastructure more efficiently.

Moreover, Mindglobal’s management of their telecom expenses has provided the retail firm with complete transparency in charging and billing from wireless carriers. Additionally, the company has access to real-time reporting, analytics, and usage summaries of their telecom expenses.

One of the most significant advantages of working with Mindglobal is the company’s proactive approach to managing telecom expenses. Mindglobal consistently monitors and identifies potential cost savings opportunities. Whether it’s eliminating unused wireless services or identifying overcharged accounts, Mindglobal’s team of experts continues to seek out cost-saving solutions.

In conclusion, with Mindglobal, the company was able to streamline their telecom infrastructure, save significantly on telecom expenses, increase transparency and billing accuracy, enhance internal workflows, and experience peace of mind by letting professionals manage this key part of their business.