Refreshment Company Saves $1.2MM

A premier global soft drink company has 3,500 products worldwide in 200 plus countries. Considering their complex structure, their large product capacity and their 100+ year history, the company pursues telecom expense management, TEM, with extensive strategic planning and caution.

The Challenge

They came to Mindglobal with 50,000 mobile lines and scars from previous TEM experiences. Their users were fearful of change and skeptical toward innovative TEM best practices, and were challenged to find a fit flexible for their needs and to trust a TEM company to navigate their complexities.

The Solutions

Mindglobal was chosen to help shape and revamp their TEM best practices while remaining flexible and strategic. Now, with an online procurement and asset management portal, every employee has access to order devices and accessories within the firm’s parameters.

Along with our user-friendly portal, Mindglobal manages the 24/7 Help Desk for U.S. and Canada employees. Mindglobal’ ongoing reporting alerts the client when savings are possible and enables taking action on recommended changes as well as provides them with monthly reports to monitor their accounts more closely and optimize savings.

The Results

The results presented after just a few months provided $550K in hard savings and $1.2MM soft savings from business process optimization and automation. Mindglobal has exceeded service level for end-users 100% of the time and has built trust allowing us to implement additional TEM best practices.