Renegotiation of wireless contract helps automaker recoup 90% of U.S. management fees with a better, more flexible rate plan

Mindglobal routinely reviews all wireless vendor contracts between our clients and the carriers they use. Recently, we had the opportunity to renegotiate a contract between an innovative auto manufacturer and their largest U.S. wireless provider. When our client originally entered into the agreement two years ago, prior to working with Mindglobal, the rate plan they agreed to is a single tier of data usage for all 7,800 lines. This plan did not offer any flexibility. Due to the lack of flexibility in rate plans, when usage was low the account was paying for more than they needed. When usage was high, overages were being incurred

After approximately 45 hours of internal Rate Plan Analysis (RPA) and forecasting analysis — as well as calls between the carrier, the client, and the Mindglobal finance team — and spanning three months of negotiation, a new contract was signed. This contract allows for three tiers of data usage for their low, medium, and high volume users. The ability to optimize rate plans based upon the actual data usage of our client’s employees helps to avoid overages each month. Additionally, the flexibility allows for users to move between tiers as they trend up or down any given month. 

Our main point of contact at the client recently held a call with their procurement team and the Mindglobal financial team to walk through the final contract. The client was happy to share the quantifiable savings of our new tiered rate plan will cover 90% of the fees Mindglobal charges for all U.S. business. Mindglobal’s analysis and negotiation is essentially paid in full by the savings they recoup from this single change.

The unique perspective that a TEM provider can offer clients often brings better contracts and savings to our clients. We have visibility into many clients across varying sizes, hardware, use, and geography — and into the rate plans that support them. This gives Mindglobal the ability to benchmark our clients against each other to find outliers and leverage wireless vendors contracts from one client to the next.

While this is always part of our onboarding process, it is also part of our routine analysis for all of our clients. We perform this benchmark every two years, which is typically when contracts are up for renewal and renegotiation.