The Prescription for Long-term Savings is Optimizing your Telecom Expenses

A leading healthcare company in the United States has been a valued client of Mindglobal since 2014. With 32,000 wireless lines in operation, managing telecom expenses has always been a challenging task for this client. However, with the assistance of Mindglobal, they have been able to save $7 million over the tenure of the partnership.

In 2022 alone, our client was able to save over $1 million through Mindglobal’s telecom expense management services. These savings were achieved by optimizing the company’s wireless rate plans and terminating unused services. Even after eight years of optimization, Mindglobal continues to identify and implement cost-saving solutions for them.

One of the key strategies that Mindglobal employs is the use of detailed reports. Every month, Mindglobal sends their employees reports that provide insights into zero-usage, low-usage, and wireless summaries. These reports are sent to employees about their personal usage, while managers receive reports on their team. By providing this level of granularity, Mindglobal can identify areas where costs can be minimized, and services can be optimized.

Mindglobal’s operations and help desk also assist our client’s employees with a range of telecom-related issues. As a result, over 16,000 help desk tickets are submitted annually on procurement of new devices, troubleshooting set-ups, and assisting with service activation. Despite the sheer volume of tickets, 94% of tickets are resolved within four hours. This ensures that their employees can stay productive and focused on their work, without spending valuable time troubleshooting telecom-related issues.

As lines are identified for termination through zero-usage reporting or when employees exit the company, those phones and other hardware are retrieved by the Mindglobal operations team. Often, the hardware is redeployed to new employees, but sometimes the hardware is inoperable or outdated. In those instances, Mindglobal recycles the devices following best practices for electronics, and the client receives documentation for their sustainability reporting efforts.

By analyzing usage patterns and trends, Mindglobal can identify areas where services can be consolidated, or discontinued altogether. This has led to a reduction in expenses by an average of 15% annually, which has also had a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

Overall, this healthcare leader’s partnership with Mindglobal has resulted in significant cost savings and has streamlined the company’s telecom infrastructure. With Mindglobal’s insightful reports and exceptional customer support, they can focus on improving patient care, secure in the knowledge that their telecom expenses are being managed effectively.