Transportation Firm Saves 33%

With 3,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, this national transport firm relied increasingly on wireless devices to track its vehicles. With wireless costs spiraling upwards, management knew they needed a cohesive, strategic approach to wireless telecom expense management (TEM). Integrating user data from multiple acquisitions made it difficult for the firm to determine how many wireless devices were being used or whether the appropriate rate plans were assigned.

The Challenge

This firm wanted an organized approach to control its growing reliance on wireless devices and to get a firm handle on usage and costs. With only six people in its IT division, they were challenged to internally create or manage a comprehensive and widely distributed wireless telecom program.

The Solutions

Mindglobal was selected to help the client develop a corporate wireless policy and to implement a multi-vendor enrollment and procurement program so employees could purchase and register their wireless devices.

Mindglobal continues to manage the Wireless Help Desk – taking calls from employees across the U.S. and Canada; reviews monthly wireless bills and rate plan assignments to ensure accuracy and to keep employees on the appropriate plans to optimize savings.

This client selected Mindglobal in part because of a close cultural fit.

The Results

The result has been a dramatic cost reduction of 33 percent within the first six months of the program, with two major markets fully deployed.  The client has achieved a 33 percent savings on wireless spending.