Commuting or Road Trip? Sit Back in Your Driverless Car

October 25, 2018

Imagine a road-trip in your driverless or autonomous vehicle (AVs). The driver can enjoy the scenery without running off the road. While you are your car is driving you and you get hungry just say, “Carmen, find us a top-rated pizza in the next 15 miles.” Yeah, we name our cars. Need a clean restroom, the largest ball of string, or a comfortable room? Ask your car to find it.

Now, imagine the same concept only in business. Employees can use commuting time to read emails or set schedules. Sales and executives can take the drive time between meetings to recap and send out follow-ups. Enterprise mobility and productivity have always been strong business partners. Now, driverless vehicles are bringing even more power to this partnership.

The driver (pun intended) of this new technology will be applications. Yes, we’re all beginning to wonder how many apps can a normal human use? Well, when it comes to this driverless technology, Google, automakers, and software companies are placing big bets on making their driverless vehicles productive work zones for the passengers. These AVs will likely become yet another wireless device to be managed, optimized and secured.

Cars are already becoming mobile hotspots, so the passengers in driverless vehicles will be able to stream documents, data, and learning videos as the car performs real-time analysis of everything from road conditions, traffic issues, or the speedster coming up on the right.

According to a Tech Crunch September 2018 article titled The new era in mobile, by contributor Joe Apprendi who is a general partner at Revel Partners, this could be reality before 2050, driving an industry to $7 trillion.