Deep Dives on Carrier Invoices Delivers Hidden Treasure

November 2, 2018

Wireless telecom expense management, TEM or WEM, is known for driving savings through optimization services, getting the devices on just the right plan based on the needs of a user.  We never get tired of bragging about Mindglobal financial analysts’ knack for finding huge savings during their monthly audits. One of our analysts uncovered a wireless carrier billing error, that when corrected, is now delivering a $16k monthly savings, or $192k annually, to our client.  That’s why we conduct a wireless financial audit monthly to eliminate excess costs quickly, in the same month the cost occurs.

We scan thousands of lines per invoice, immediately flagging questionable charges and quickly identifying the need for research or dispute – which we bring to our clients’ attention, then manage the dispute with the wireless carrier.  Realized savings and credits achieved are reported to the client. Most TEM providers offer this type of analysis quarterly. We find that a monthly analysis drives exponential savings faster!