ELD Mandate Update

December 4, 2017

ELD Mandate Update: Mindglobal’ Solution

With the upcoming ELD mandate approaching as the year comes to an end, it’s important to remember there are still several aspects of the mandate itself up in the air. With all of the moving parts still being determined, you’ll want to be in the best of hands when determining your next strategy when adapting to the new ELD mandate. Here at Mindglobal, we’re able to guide you and your company in the right direction while simultaneously reducing costs, enhancing procedures, and driving your company forward with innovative processes only we can offer. Read on to learn more about why Mindglobal is your go-to choice when strategizing, preparing, and succeeding with the new ELD mandate.


ELD Mandate Basics

ELDs, or rather Electronic Logging Devices, are becoming more and more crucial to determining efficiency and effectiveness within your company’s trucking fleets to the point you can now root out any and all inefficiencies and delays down to the exact second. This technology lends itself to advancements made in transportation in recent years and will only further enhance the overall effectiveness of your trucking fleet. With the new ELD mandate in 2017/2018, there are several motions to have a consistent wave of issuance of ELDs to nearly all commercial trucks across the United States by April 1st, 2018. This has been a long time coming within the trucking industry and it’s great to see progress being made, yet will you and your company be prepared for the upcoming deadlines?


How to Prepare for the Upcoming ELD Mandate

When you work with Mindglobal, you’re dedicating the intricacies of handling your ELD distribution to us and we are more than happy to show you how we plan to implement the procedure; every step of the way. Partnering with Mindglobal consists of working with our dedicated service teams to ensure every single aspect of the deployment of your ELDs is a success. Mindglobal has you covered every step of the way and we’re looking forward to hearing from you and creating a customized solution for your enterprise.


Contact Us to Seamlessly Transition

Working with many fleets of trucks and issuing all of those ELDs can be quite the burdensome task, yet when you place the processes in Mindglobal’ domain, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Our staff holds many years of expertise and experience handling ELDs for a multitude of clients. If you want to learn more about how we can better your overall business through helping you adapt to the ELD mandate, contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through our process. We look forward to hearingĀ from you soon!