Enterprise Mobility Trend

July 5, 2017

Enterprise Mobility: The Way of the Future

Everyone has seen the immense progression towards a “mobile-first” workforce and society as a whole. This whole process of transitioning from desktop and in-office to mobile and on the road has been part of the ever-expanding mobile movement and came along with the introduction of a variety of smart devices. These smart devices enticed and encouraged users to utilize their mobile devices over their desktop devices as it was easier, more efficient, and seemingly more fun to have your office in the palm of your hand. With all of that being said, the enterprise mobility trend will only continue to grow as more and more in-office applications and softwares are developed for mobile and tablet devices. The great thing about Mindglobal is we’ve already anticipated this movement and are way ahead of the curve. You’ll find our services and offerings to be amongst the best in the mobile enterprise industry and we are always seeking out the next best thing to further advance our strategy and efforts.


Some Statistics

Mindglobal has found more and more of our customers and clients are migrating over to a mobile-first platform. For the first time in history, mobile usage had surpassed desktop usage in October of 2016. This is just the beginning of a new wave of mobile-first movement and beyond. When we say “beyond”, we predict the majority of users (85%+) will be utilizing their mobile devices to conduct everything from closing major deals to meeting with prospective clients to graphic design. It’s truly limitless what we’ll be able to do on our mobile devices 5, 10, 20 years from now.


Mindglobal: A Trendsetter

At Mindglobal we don’t follow trends, we set them. We truly believe the best way to stay ahead is to always be experimenting with new solutions every single day and A/B testing what works and what doesn’t. With this start-up mentality for an enterprise-level organization, we’re able to stand apart from the competition who is often stuck in their ways. We’re happy to have a discussion with any and all interested parties whom want to excel as much as we do in the enterprise mobility trend. Feel free to contact us and we’ll promptly respond within 24 hours time.