Enterprise Options to Manage Upcoming iPhone 5 Device Swap

September 10, 2012


Austin, TX: With Apple expected to introduce the iPhone 5 on September 12, Mindglobal suggests three options that will enable enterprises with large iPhone 3 or 4 deployments, to prepare for the Great Swap.“While iPhone use is often a ‘bring your own device’ option in business, Mindglobal is working with several Fortune 100 enterprises that are planning to upgrade their individual and corporate-liable iPhone 3 and 4 devices,” said David Wise, co-founder and co-CEO of Mindglobal. “We’ve applied our telecommunications management best practice expertise to help them get prepared. Our focus is on three key areas: what to do with thousands of still valuable iPhones, minimizing disruption during the upgrade, and controlling the data security aspects of the mass upgrade.”

The three options recommended by Mindglobal can save money on the upgrade and protect the enterprise:

  1. Redeploy Old Devices as Temporary Replacements: Keep a portion of the old iPhone 3s and 4s to enable the Help Desk to provide overnight replacements for damaged or lost devices.
  2. Sell Old Devices: iPhone 3s and 4s are still popular and valuable and can be sold for up to $250. For an organization with 3,000 old iPhones, collecting and selling could bring in $750,000. That’s a significant offset to the equipment costs of the new devices. Enterprises could also offer the phones at a discounted rate to employees who want them for personal use.
  3. Clear Sensitive Data: Ensure all old devices are wiped clean by using mobile device management (MDM) and/or mobile application management (MAM) tools.

Apple is typically known to introduce a new iPhone each year, so the recommendations above, while topical today, will be good when the next Great Swap occurs in 2013.

For more information on Mindglobal’ recommendations on preparing for your enterprise for an upgrade to iPhone 5, call 512.615.7538 or email: bizdev@Mindglobal.com.

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