ETMA 2020 Highlights: Android Devices for Enterprises

April 1, 2020

Did you know that there are more than two billion active Android devices around the world? At this year’s Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) Conference, we learned more about the impressive foundation that Android has laid with this operating system, and the resources available through the Google Play app distribution platform that make it a powerful tool in the Enterprise Mobility arsenal.

A few quick stats:
– The global BYOD and enterprise mobility market is projected to reach $134.5B by 2025
– Android devices make up 78% of the global smartphones deployed for business use
– Built-in features allow the user to differentiate and secure work apps from personal apps on both employee and company-owned devices

With clear benefits for IT management, business, and employees, a telecom manager should feel confident in their hardware selection. From the always-on security, consistency of devices and deployment, platform to build unique apps for your business (or innovation from third-parties), to the end-user’s ability to set privacy and work/life balance functionality, now is the time to consider these devices for your remote workforce.