Flexible Enterprise Mobility: Are You Ready?

September 19, 2013

Mobility is a key strategic tool to a massive percentage of businesses today but the mobile industry itself (devices and carriers) is a quickly shifting and unpredictable beast. Is your business ready for the inevitable tectonic-industry shifts of the future?

Let’s say hypothetically that two years after its risky acquisition of cell-maker Nokia, Microsoft has passed Google, Apple and Blackberry as the premier mobile device provider in the US and is gaining an edge internationally. It is mid-2015 and not only does Microsoft sell more phones to general consumers but it has developed the fastest-selling, most trusted, and arguably best mobile-enterprise solution. Many say that what Microsoft now provides in terms of stability, security and usability is reminiscent of the golden age of the once-great and now long-gone Blackberry.

Is this hypothetical future that unlikely? It is impossible, of course, to predict the distant future with any certainty, and at the present time it just seems silly that Microsoft could, in any way, overtake Samsung, Blackberry or Apple in terms of enterprise mobility. But who would have guessed that Apple, the maker of the late-90s neon-pink iMac would become the burgeoning success in seriously secure mobile-enterprise that it has? Big leaps like Apple’s are inevitably tomorrow’s news in the mobile industry.

And what about carriers? While less media-coverage is given to these ogre-sized companies on a day-to-day basis, their importance, of course, cannot be understated. These mobile service providers are just as prone to big changes as device manufacturers with frequent mergers and collapses, possibly leaving an army of business lines at risk of mismanagement.

So, what is a business to do when its key communication-fleet is at the mercy of a meteoric industry that is both brilliant and quickly crashing?

Having thrived amongst the tumultuous mobile industry the past 20 years, we at Mindglobal have an optimized mobile management strategy that is “device/carrier-agnostic.” The term device-agnostic is currently most well-known in the web design world as applying to designing websites that can fit and operate well on any and all devices. We like this philosophy of flexibility and have applied it to our leading-edge mobility management.

Let us be your “mobile-agent” in an industry that necessitates negotiation. With Mindglobal’ help, no matter the phone or the provider, companies are able to tailor-fit their unique mobility needs with the most business-minded excellence regardless of developments in the mobile world.

This is what we do best. We are the subject matter experts.