Global Mobile Management Company Predicts Apple to Take Majority Market Share in Mobile Device Sales

July 22, 2015

July 21, 2015 (Austin, TX) — In early fall, Apple is set to take over 50 percent of the mobile device market share in the U.S. Enterprise market. According to data from mindGlobal, a Texas-based Enterprise mobility management services provider, Apple will most likely tip the scales this year and confirm its status as the largest provider of mobile services in the over $300 billion telecom industry.

Apple is clearly accelerating to outperform every category by a landslide. The standard cell phone without any special features is still in the game, and the Android is growing, but slowly. The Blackberry, however, is in a steady decline and has been for years. So, what does this mean for cost-effective planning, management, and analysis of an Enterprise wireless service?

“With Apple at the top, and the smart phone in clear domination, Enterprise wireless management and procurement will only become more of a challenge for large companies as we move into 2016,” said Kevin Whitehurst, CEO of Mindglobal. “Mindglobal knows the mobile space. Our mobile expense management services bring order to the chaos of managing a mobile environment, and can make the iPhone domination factor something to celebrate – not to fear.”

Apple is constantly updating its devices and mobile contract offerings to set the standard within the mobile industry. This continuous change can create IT and procurement headaches within a company when employees switch devices and plans according to Apple’s schedule. With these ever-changing data plans, rates and devices, Enterprise-level mobile management services like those of Mindglobal are essential in order to achieve efficient cost savings within a rapidly changing and expanding Enterprise mobile carrier contract.

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