It’s All About the Service

May 3, 2017

This doesn’t need to be a long post, as the title says it all. But in our experience, enterprises have trouble evaluating the level of service that will be provided by their vendors. They can easily understand what cost savings are available or how a software portal works, but often it’s difficult for them to gauge what the actual vendor experience will look like as the relationship progresses.

In reality, the key to a long term relationship with any vendor depends greatly on the level of service provided to you and your team every single day. A vendor might look great throughout the sales process, but often the tune of the relationship changes quickly right after a contract is signed. You as the customer go from their best friend one day to being “just another client” the next. So how do you avoid this phenomenon as an enterprise? It’s all about the relationship.

One of our longest standing customers, now entering their 12th year of a relationship with Mindglobal, was able to give us some insight into what keeps them coming back to us. After resigning their agreement recently, we asked them a simple question: Our industry is famous for its high vendor turnover, and we’re certainly not the biggest or flashiest company in this space…so knowing that, what makes you continue to want to work with us?

Their VP looked our team straight in the eye and said: “For 12 years, Mindglobal has made us feel like we are your only customer. You don’t find that very often in an enterprise/vendor relationship, but when you do, you absolutely can’t leave it. So as long as I’m here, we’re only working with you.”

Now obviously he wouldn’t say that if we didn’t also do exceptional work on his behalf and provide his team with a robust solution. But there are plenty of robust solutions available in our world, and sometimes it requires a little extra to everything worth it. We walked away from that meeting more confident than ever that, while we continue to lead the industry in our software and wireless expense management expertise, our people matter more than ever.

So as you plan to evaluate vendors, ask each one about how they plan to create a long term relationship fit. Ask them how long their clients work with them on average. And definitely ask to talk to their current clients. Because, regardless how great a vendor looks in the sales process, it’s all about the service.

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