Leading Our Teams Through Tough Times

May 7, 2020

At Mindglobal, providing a respectful and safe environment to our teams has always been a defining force within our corporate culture. In these trying times of working remotely, caring for our families from afar, and doing our best to stay healthy both physically and mentally, we knew we could help our team beyond merely keeping them employed.

All of us are affected on different levels. Many of our family members and close friends have already been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. This is why we recently offered a special opportunity to our employees due to these unprecedented times.

Thankfully, our company has remained opened, as telecom infrastructure and management (which enables other to work from home) is deemed a critical business. As such, we found ourselves in a unique position to access capital that we could make available to our team members in need: an interest-free payroll advance with seamlessly repayment through a future payroll reduction, plus a percentage that does not need to be repaid, but rather serves as a donation from the Mindglobal partners to help and encourage investment by the employee with others in our community.

We are happy that this is able to help several of our team members. One employee plans to put it to use through the support of a family member serving on the frontline who contracted COVID-19 herself and is now unable to work during their quarantine period.  Another employee shared that they will utilize this advance to support their mother who works in the service industry, but has recently lost her job.

Mindglobal would not be the same company if not for the dedicated, talented, and hard-working employees on our team. We are grateful to call them colleagues and lucky to be able to help them during their time of need.