Managing Wireless TEM in Healthcare

March 2, 2015

The healthcare industry is inundated with devices. From simple stethoscopes through advanced imaging machines, healthcare professionals require all kinds of technology to do their jobs. We want to make sure health care professionals can focus expenses and energy on patient-relationships rather than millions of dollars on under-managed telecom expenses.

Thousands of on-call devices, like smartphones and tablets,  are required to keep professionals prepared to serve their patients well. Under-management of devices has inflated expenses with inventories in disarray for numerous healthcare organizations.

For healthcare organizations stuck in this expenses conundrum, Mindglobal has been able to establish  20-25% cost savings, which is 20% greater savings than typical accounts. During onboarding of any client, the Mindglobal process audits multiple facets of expenses finding room for optimization. These are the two key pieces to the solution we’ve seen most in healthcare organizations.

1. Scalable Inventory Management

It seems so simple, but a simplicity mindset has left organizations with a lack of infrastructure that was incapable of scaling with the rapid growth of wireless communication. A strong device inventory database is the foundation to scalable solutions from 100 to 100,000 lines and enables proper management of expenses, usage, and security. Most healthcare organizations started with pagers, but as technology evolved smartphones and tablets have become standard.

2. Experts in Telecom Expense Management

It is reasonable to expect that an in-house team should be able to manage the expenses and bills for wireless just as many other business expenses, but with the evolution of devices, their capabilities and services led expenses to grow exponentially more complex. The unfortunate reality that catches up to organizations is that telecom expenses are complicated, and much more complicated than they appear at first look. The time and energy required to pick apart these expenses are quickly outpaced by outsourcing the expense management to telecom experts with proprietary software like Mindglobal. Our platforms and experts can identify optimization opportunities that even the most detail-oriented procurement professionals can miss.

Mindglobal can handle your organization’s telecom expenses with our proprietary software, branded help desks, and mwSMART platform you can expect to see expenses drop significantly. Consider some of our success stories with recognizable brands like BMW, major refreshment providers, and logistics companies. Contact us to start the conversation.