mindWireless is Now Mindglobal!

October 16, 2020


Upon the occasion of our twentieth anniversary, mindWireless has become Mindglobal. This evolution in our branding will better align with our business solutions for managing wireless, fixed telecom, and cloud storage expenses. Further, it demonstrates our span across the telecom ecosystem and our ability to manage telecom providers worldwide.

We are pleased with the success and growth we have experienced over the past twenty years, especially considering how different our wireless usage habits are today vs. the year 2000. For over 10 years we’ve helped our clients with all aspects of telecom expenses, and after twenty years of mindWireless, we have evolved into a global telecom solution, hence our Mindglobal name representative of both our expanded service scope as well as geographic presence.

What hasn’t changed? Our management of domestic and international wireless, wired, and cloud storage management and cost-optimization procedures offer the ability to work with internal IT, Telecom and Procurement teams as a true partner; aligned on your company’s goals and drawing on decades of best-practices for enterprise-wide telecom management strategies.

We’d love to hear your feedback, so please drop us a note at info@mindglobal.com