Mindglobal Trail-Blazes New Globe-Spanning BYOD Program

October 30, 2013

AUSTIN, TEXAS (OCTOBER 30, 2013) — ‘Flexible’ is not a commonly used term when describing anything within a global business. Keeping the realities of international enterprise in mind, Mindglobal is excited to announce the deployment of a brand new kind of highly flexible, worldwide “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) mobility management program. Mindglobal has recently negotiated the demands of an industrial workforce that spans four continents and accesses wireless services from dozens of international wireless carriers for one of the world’s leading polymer manufacturers.

“This is global-BYOD done in a different and unexpected way. We feel that this new program makes it easier for enterprise-level companies to contract with a myriad of wireless carriers to cover costs of their employees’ usage,” remarked David Wise, Co-CEO / Co-Founder of Mindglobal.  Wise continued, “What Mindglobal is offering our global clients is an unprecedented level of mobile flexibility. No border, currency or time-zone should stand between enterprise and its optimal functionality.”

In this bold new telecom expense strategy, direct payments to a diverse set of wireless carriers outside of North America and the responsibility of currency risk-mitigation will now pass from the enterprise to Mindglobal. Direct-to-carrier-payment will enable the polymer manufacturer to lower overhead while simultaneously reducing the tax liability of making individual stipend payments to international employees.

But payment management is only half of this international mobile solution. Wireless usage requires employee support be available at any hour of the day. With a fleet of diverse BYOD wireless devices dispersed throughout an equally diverse set of time zones, Mindglobal will provide premium help-desk support 24/7. This kind of assistance will guarantee quality and timely service-levels for an industry that never sleeps.

Enterprise that spans the globe requires a tailor-fit mobile device management program. Mindglobal is ready to meet whatever mobile needs enterprise has regardless of geography. For more information on transforming enterprise-level mobility with this exciting, new BYOD service offering, please contact Mindglobal at their website, via email or call 512-615-7600.


About Mindglobal:
Mindglobal helps Fortune 1000 companies manage their wireless devices and usage through technology and help desk solutions.  Founded in 2000, Mindglobal is the largest and most experienced telecom expense management provider focused exclusively on strategic enterprise mobility and has become a leader in the corporate mobility management market with services deployed internationally. For more information about Mindglobal, visit the website, LinkedIn or Twitter.