Mobile Help Desk Service

December 20, 2014


The more wireless users you have, and the more complex the device environment, the more time must go into working with users to solve individual problems.

Mobile Help Desk is a service designed to replicate your company’s cultural approach to supporting individual users to resolve their mobility issues, but remove the daily burden from your team. The service is customized to your approach, with your branding on all contact points whether web or voice. You get a dedicated team, our systems direct calls to those who are most knowledgeable about your company and wireless environment.



The Help Desk service is designed to provide client wireless users with support for a wide range of needs related to operating their wireless devices, featuring the following attributes:

  • Multi-modal Contact: Either a client-branded portal, a custom email, or an intelligent voice connection that recognizes your inbound number and prepares our support team to respond
  • Custom Support Levels: Specialized programs for VIPs and executives as desired
  • Variable Scheduling: From national business hours to full 24×7 support based on your needs
  • Tiered Liability Support: Provides the same or varied service levels depending on liability program (BYOD, corporate liable, personal liable, etc.)
  • Device Management Support: Lost or stolen phone replacement
  • Technical Support: How to use devices and features
  • Invoice Support: Questions regarding rate plans and warranty exchanges


As with Mobile Procurement service, Help Desk is a fully outsourced component that frees you from having to handle the onslaught of requests to handle individual user issues.
The cornerstone of the service is building the capability around the culture and support you would offer to your own employees if you were running it internally. Thus, during the implementation process (described below) all of the rules and workflows are established that will drive the delivery of Help Desk service. Once that is complete and tested, the workflow associated with Help Desk is as follows:

  • Account Representative and Support Team: You will have a primary account representative and support team who will be aware of any special process flows and protocols, as well as the most appropriate steps to expedite resolution for the employee
  • Availability: Every effort is made to receive each initial Help Desk request and respond with a live answer. Where the client team is not available, an alternate member of the Help Desk group will receive the call, or it will be received by voicemail and responded to promptly
  • Points of Contact: Your team will be familiar with specific processes and protocols you prefer, including vendor contacts, contract terms and vendor passwords to access accounts. Typically the primary account representative is added to the vendor account as an Authorized Order Placer (AOP) and/or Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Extension of your Team: Our representatives work in cooperation with your existing wireless vendor account representatives, and as an extension of the Client Wireless Team. When necessary, your team can warm connect with the wireless vendor on your behalf
  • Issue Tracking and Closure: All requests are tracked to satisfactory completion and closed
  • Reporting: Service level and inquiry levels and respective inquiry types are tracked and reporting is provided



Clients often indicate that Help Desk represents a critical, immediate need to resolve. As a result, we have designed a launch capability that can be as short as one week. Often with a single cross-team meeting we can define all of the basic operating parameters which include:

  • Scheduling: Define the hours of operation, whether 12×5, 24×7 or a hybrid that meets your needs
  • Tier Level: Select desired Tier of Service, where client calls either go to MindWireless first, or to the client first with select calls being routed to MindWireless based on defined criteria, and arrange handoff protocols
  • Contact Mechanisms: Client-branded portal, email and voice connectivity links to allow maximized and efficient access to support
  • Support Levels: Identify individuals or groups that will receive customized service levels, and which devices or platforms
  • Applications: Define the support for customized business applications and undertake training for Help Desk team



When someone needs help with a mobility issue, it often means they have lost communication via their mobile device, and it can happen at home or on the road. They need immediate response, and rapid resolution of their problem. Internal staffs often struggle to fulfill this need because of the tight timelines and other tasks they must prioritize. The MindWireless Help Desk offers first-class treatment to all users, with special “kid glove” services for your VIPs. Nothing is more important to our teams than getting your users back in touch with their important business and personal contacts.