Mobile Procurement Service

December 15, 2014


Nothing in business is as dynamic as a mobile network. Unlike desk phone systems that stay in one place, mobile devices are on the move, and so are the people that use them. According to current industry statistics, the combination of employee churn, device loss and replacement, device upgrade and other change factors can lead to over 50% turnover each calendar year.ProcurementChart

Compounding this change management headache is the fact that users
typically place their own order requests – whether upgrade, replacement
or new device – and it requires an approval process, often with multiple
levels before it can be fulfilled. Also, a product catalog is required to help users order only those equipment items that are supported or approved under your policy.

Orders must then be routed to carriers or other third party fulfillment partners, a known source of system failure. Before getting into the hands of the user there is often a requirement to customize devices for their specific purposes, with special kitting or application loading.

Finally, the order must be closed out following delivery to the user, but that user must often be trained or properly set up to use the device. It’s no wonder that companies drown under the workload!



MindWireless’ Mobile Procurement service is the answer to all of the problems identified above:

  • A rules-driven portal allows clients to develop a product catalog that is in 100% alignment with their vendor and device policies
  • Behind the scenes approval routing allows a request for a device to travel immediately to a supervisor or other approver, with as many levels of approval as you desire
  • Orders are placed with carriers and tracked to completion; if special kitting or application loading is needed, we’ve got that too
Please Note: Mobile Procurement is available to clients who also subscribe to Mobile Expense Management.


The simple description for workflow is “just turn it over to us”! That’s because once we have the procurement portal up and running according to your specifications, the workload is off your desks for good. During the implementation process (described below) all of the rules and workflows are established that will drive the portal and related actions. Once that is complete and tested the mechanics of ordering are as follows.

  • Users go to the portal and place an order. Since the product catalog is rules-driven, their choice of devices is appropriate and limited to their role.
  • If you wish to have your corporate policies accepted by each user, the portal is the perfect tool to require a user check-off that they understand them.
  • Once an order is placed it routes automatically to the designated approver for that individual. Approvers can be direct supervisors or alternate designees. Should your company require multiple levels of signoff, that requirement is fully supported.
  • Orders are placed with the carriers through our teams of specialists and toolsets. Orders can be shipped directly to the end user, or they can be delivered to us for specialized kitting and application loading, then on to the user.
  • All orders are closed out with confirmation of delivery. Metrics are maintained on ordering to fulfillment timelines and reported to program managers.



  • Procurement implementation and service launch will typically be completed in 30-60 days from contract signing
  • In advance of initiating service the following activities will be performed:
    • Review your expected volume and types of Procurement activities to determine staffing needs and assign MindWireless team representatives
    • Determine your approval routing preferences and the designated personnel
    • Setup and deploy your configured Procurement interface
    • Test the system and secure your approval of the deployed processes



Churn in mobile devices is extraordinarily high. There is a constant requirement to replace/upgrade aging devices, replace non-working devices, replace lost devices, and procure devices for new employees and more. MindWireless’ Procurement portal and service eliminates the manual processes that most organizations still rely on, and replaces them with an automated shopping environment that includes built-in approval routing and total fulfillment management.