Mobile Telemanagement Solution

January 1, 2015


Is Wireless taking over telecom? It certainly seems like it is, with increasing numbers of users, an exploding diversity of devices, increasing use of specialized business applications, and more. It’s the rare enterprise today that does not rely heavily upon mobility to increase employee and corporate productivity. With that growth comes significant complexity.

Expense MGMT chart

MindWireless’ Mobile TeleManagement Services


MindWireless’ Mobile TeleManagement solution blends the three key components needed for an effectively managed wireless environment.

  • Expense Management focuses on the financial aspects of your environment
  • Procurement provides an efficient method to fulfill requests for service
  • Help Desk serves users with specific issues that affect their wireless capabilities

By unifying each of these elements into a full solution, MindWireless clients receive the benefit of a higher performing and lower cost mobility environment. However, the greatest benefit of all is that your team can finally relieve themselves of the constant burden associated with keeping up with an increasingly complex mobile environment.



Getting a solid handle on each of the primary lifecycle components that affect your wireless environment will empower you to take charge of your mobility program. While not as directly linear as the graphic indicates, a structured “9-Point Managed Service Approach” must begin with a comprehensive analysis and development for the mobility program framework itself, and then move ahead through all the remaining components to support the many operational responsibilities you face.

MW Process Chart



The “Program” serves as the foundation for establishing the best practice structure that will define all aspects of your wireless management efforts. Driven by your key business objectives, a set of policies are crafted for how your program will operate, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), procurement, payment/reimbursement, internal financial accounting, vendor selection, and more.



With confirmation of the underlying program fundamentals, a mobility management toolset is developed with all of the functional attributes required to support your operational and business needs.



Invoices are processed via a tightly managed environment to yield a complete picture of mobile expenses; this insight sets the stage for other key activities.



An accurate inventory is generated by merging vendor billing data, inputs from a user + device enrollment program, and current Human Resources (HR) data into a single database. This lets you know who has what device, what it costs, and who is paying for it. At this time, additional steps can be taken to modify the liability program if your policies are requiring a transition within the program.



You have negotiated a contract in good faith, the carrier billing should align with those terms. Plan pricing can be improperly applied, especially with respect to pooling, but so can items like waived charges for features or roaming fees.



Carriers position themselves for their own best outcome, not yours. To get the lowest overall cost for Data and Voice Plans, your actual usage must be analyzed and compared against a multitude of plan options offered by the carriers to yield the correct package.



Controlling the flow of devices into your network provides large benefits from a control perspective. An automated online procurement portal lets you create a custom tailored product catalog that supports multiple payments and ownership options, extends buying power to friends and family for contract leverage, sets rules-based approval routing, tracks the order, and adds optional kitting when desired.



The policies you have chosen for BYOD, business productivity applications, and similar user qualifications will affect your support requirements. The user support program will need to be structured to meet the expectations if you are an increasingly large and diverse user-base.



Sophisticated devices require sophisticated management tools. As phones get smarter and tablets become more common, a wide range of security and operational tools are required from simple password controls, to Mobile Device and Application Management, to Real Time Tracking.



MindWireless’ Mobile TeleManagement offerings are delivered through three separate service components, each targeted to address a specific area of need within your wireless environment. Each of the services is available individually, but bundling them into an integrated package increases their overall value. Not only will these services drive out costs, they will lead to increased performance of your wireless network, and huge efficiencies for your management team, improving your telecom outputs across your entire business.