Mobility as a Service

July 5, 2017

SaaS to MaaS

While the ever-popular SaaS (Software as a Service) continues to dominate several markets in the technology field, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is gaining traction in several new markets and areas as well. With the rising trend of mobile-first technology and several organizations focusing on mobile solutions, as opposed to desktop solutions, it’s easy to see how mobility as a service is increasingly popular. With Mindglobal, we provide several options for your mobility as a service needs and focus on the results first and foremost. This result-driven process allows us to service our clients in the most optimal way for the mobile frontier.


Always Planning Ahead

When you decide to expand your capabilities and technology into the mobile sphere, you have the opportunities to do many more great things and accomplish many more objectives than your prior efforts were producing. With these great ventures comes a larger potential for things to go not quite as planned. At Mindglobal, we ensure we take the necessary steps to always be ahead of the potential issues. With our proprietary technology and processes, Mindglobal has mobile solutions for all of your various needs. Whether it be a BYOD system with your employees or international optimization to ensure your billing is always the lowest it can be; Mindglobal has MaaS concentrated down to a system where all parties involved will benefit. Our clients receive fantastic results and we receive fantastic word-of-mouth marketing and referrals due to our fantastic customer service and cost-saving initiatives.


Mindglobal for Your MaaS Solutions

While there are many organizations to choose from in the MaaS technology field, we hope you’ll consider Mindglobal as we have the expertise and experience to consolidate your expenses, optimize your existing services, and provide new solutions to arising problems as they occur and as your company expands into the mobile-first arena. Feel free to contact us and we’ll respond with the next steps within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!