mWSMART V5.3 Improves Report Visualization

February 22, 2012


Mindglobal Upgrades Platform to Improve Report Visualization and Consolidation of Wireless User Data Across Multi-Company Organizations

Austin, TX:  Mindglobal announced the release of mW SMART V5.3, its wireless telecommunications expense management (TEM) software platform. Improved report visualization enhances the ability to define and manage across organizations with multiple divisions and independent operating companies.

The enhanced reporting responds directly to changes in the way organizations view their devices and employee usage, providing greater visibility of data and increased management capability.

“Security, data visibility and accessibility, and a proliferation of devices and operating systems have caused organizations to seek new ways to view their wireless devices and usage data,” said Jack McAfee, chief technology officer for Mindglobal. “mW SMART is the process automation foundation of Mindglobal’ services and V5.3 provides the technical muscle and graphical flexibility to help organizations track usage across a wide variety of devices to keep costs in check.”

Mindglobal gave mW SMART V5.3 a new graphical look with simplified navigation that provides one-click access to the four key wireless TEM functions:  Enrollment/Inventory Management, Shopping/Procurement, Management, and Reporting.

Key enhancements include:

  • Employee Portal Reports: With a clearly defined organizational hierarchy, authorized executives, executive assistants, and managers can create new reports on wireless expense and usage from the bottom of the organization to the top levels.
  • Single Organizational View: mW SMART V5.3 consolidates multiple feeds from multiple business units within a single enterprise, as it creates a consolidated view of wireless expense by company.
  • Manage BYOD (bring your own device): Employees can purchase an iPhone or other device via the mW SMART Procurement Portal at a corporate discount using their personal credit card or by entering a monthly stipend amount. Enterprises can then identify and monitor costs on BYODs in use.  Hardware purchase can be separated from the service purchase (split billing).
  • Unique Report Views: Once report access is granted, unique views are available based on and triggered by single-sign-on, enabling effortless information access.

mW SMART is proprietary and provides the foundation for Mindglobal’ fully automated wireless TEM services. For a web-based demonstration of mW SMART V5.3, email, or call 512.615.7538.

About Mindglobal 
Mindglobal helps Fortune 1000 companies manage their wireless devices and usage through technology and outsourcing solutions.  Founded in 2000, Mindglobal is the oldest and largest pure wireless expense management firm and has become a leader in the corporate mobility management market with services deployed internationally. For more information, visit