At Mindglobal, it is our mission to provide you with curated solutions to meet the telecom needs of your company. Whether it be mobile, fixed, or UCaaS management, we pride ourselves on consistently being the leader in our field.

Mindglobal will lead you through the entire plan management lifecycle – from inventory oversight to contract negotiation, validating invoices, and creating reports for total visibility. Along the way, we’ll help you capture dramatic savings of 15% to 40%.

Within these three pillars, Mindglobal offers various strategic services depending on your team’s needs.

Available for:

We get to know your company’s unique requirements to deliver a complete solution – one that helps you control costs and make more confident decisions across the enterprise.




As an executive, you keep a discerning eye on technology. You want to make the right investments to keep pace with innovation and boost productivity. From devices to data to integration, your organization relies on you to unlock new opportunities and drive success.

Cost Optimization

With so many carriers and invoices, we don’t even know the variability of the cost from our mobile program, let alone the nuances of our landline and cloud services — but we do know mistakes are going undetected.

Device Management

We need a one-stop way to get a holistic picture of our telecom program, our inventory of hardware, drill into details about refurbishments, and make predictions that could fine-tune our contracts. Plus, we need to keep mobile employees productive and happy, but we also need to free-up IT resources for more important tasks. How can we do both?


We use many different carriers across our regions and geographies and waste time hopping between business tools. We need to make everything work together in one place, with predictable interfaces and regular reporting. The Mindglobal Intelligence Platform enables better mobile management across the enterprise — from employees to mobile managers and beyond.

Telecom Services

We need help with things from setting up a simple, outsourced mobile help desk, to creating an enterprises-wide, customized strategy for carriers and providers across the globe. Mindglobal can help you drive success with better mobile, fixed telecom and cloud storage management.

As a busy manager in a complex organization, you don’t have time to ponder every little issue that crosses your desk. At the same time, your enterprise counts on you to solve telecom issues and manage vendors efficiently.

Cost Optimization

We’ve got people at each location verifying and paying wireless and land-line invoices. How can we make it simpler and less costly to run our telecom program? To control costs, we need to know which carrier or contract is the best move for us at scale.

Device Management

Our people see mobile as a critical business tool — and they get picky about devices. How can we give them access to options without overtaxing procurement? Mobile asset management is creating a bottle-neck that saps productivity. How can we streamline the process?

Custom Integration

We spend so much time on-boarding new vendors and trying to shoehorn our software and policies into their off-the-shelf tools. Can’t someone customize their portal to fit around us - the customer? The Mindglobal Intelligence Platform enables better mobile management across the enterprise — from employees to mobile managers and beyond.

Telecom Services

We’d really like an expert’s opinion about the best ways to evaluate, engage, and refine our telecom providers… and someone to handle the mundane tasks of daily implementation. Things change quickly, especially in cloud storage and cybersecurity, so having a business partner who understands our business AND can report back on macro trends they’re seeing across their client-base will help us make more informed decisions.

As a procurement director, efficiency is your stock and trade. Your organization counts on you to find the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions. You need a holistic understanding of your telecom program — and detailed data — to make the best decisions for your enterprise.

Cost Optimization

Your company counts on you and your team to help select vendors that deliver quality at a low cost, but sometimes things like telecom might seem rigid in their pricing. Is there a better way to negotiate with domestic and international carriers without sacrificing coverage?

Device Management

Whether its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or corporate-issued phones, you’re looking for ways to know what you’re paying for, who’s being compliant with policy, and who’s using the devices that cost your organization money. The Mindglobal Intelligence Platform enables better mobile management across the enterprise — from employees to mobile managers and beyond.


Even the most ideal scenario for procurement might be derailed due to infrastructure or software upgrade plans within IT. During onboarding with Mindglobal, we seek to understand your company’s policies, programs, and people so that we can seamlessly integrate our Intelligence Platform with your systems.

Telecom Services

From global wireless and mobile carriers, to fixed land-lines for your local offices and storefronts, to virtual data storage in the cloud, the Mindglobal expertise spans the breadth of telecom needs for Fortune 1000 companies.

Our custom and strategic telecom services are made for you.

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