Wireless Telecom

Your employees rely on their wireless devices. Cut costs, eliminate frustrations, and stay flexible with better mobile management solutions from Mindglobal. We can help you look across communications technologies to trim fat and find efficiencies for better enterprise-wide solutions.

Custom Setup & Provisioning

We're experts in getting things going. When it comes time to get new devices, our team handles it all - installing apps and software, enrolling new devices into your MDM system, applying security patches, and more.

Expense Management

Better mobile management weaves together proven processes and powerful analytics, driven by our customizable Mindglobal Intelligence Platform. With data, we can reveal optimizations that will help you capture dramatic savings.

Device Management

Learn how every mobile phone, tablet, MiFi and iOT device is used. Track, analyze and update your complete telecom inventory so you will know when it is time to make changes that affect the bottom line. Plus, employees and managers can access dashboards for anywhere, anytime mobile information.

Results include:

Hassle-Free Device Setup

With our experts, you can rest assured that every device will be set up properly, it will be secure, and it will be properly enrolled in your chosen MDM solution. Your employee will receive their device ready to go, complete with their accessories and tools, customized collateral and preferred applications installed.

Reduced Support Costs

Mindglobal offers award-winning help desk solutions at a fraction of the cost of an internal help desk. Our team has years of experience working with MDMs and will help fix any problems your employees may encounter.

Powerful Insights

Mindglobal Intelligence Portal offers robust reporting that you can use to make informed decisions about your business. It allows self-service mobile reporting for individuals to view their own usage, and managers to review usage and costs of those on their team. With over 200 standard reports available, and the ability to customize to your enterprise's needs, you will have access to information to help you evaluate productivity and costs.

Consolidate Payments

We analyze data to automatically consolidate enterprise mobile costs each month. You receive a single, consolidated bill inclusive of all national and international mobile carriers, mobile accessory and hardware providers, and mobile software providers.

Automate Procurement

Give employees easy access to approved mobile products and plans with a customized, online telecom procurement portal. There, they can view and select approved carriers, devices, accessories, services, and features. Any order placed will leverage applicable corporate policies, discounts or pre-negotiated rates, automatically and regardless of if its a corporate-owned device, or part of a BYOD policy. Detailed reports help you assess how employees are using your mobile program, the most popular devices, and more.
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