So You Think Your Expenses are Optimized…

November 15, 2016


We have over 100 current clients, and all of them but one said the exact same thing when we began our initial discussions in the sales process: “Thanks for the interest, but we have our wireless expenses pretty well under control.”

Some worked with another TEM, WEM, MMS, EMM, or any other company based on a three-letter acronym to help them reduce costs. Others monitored wireless costs internally. But regardless of which route they chose, almost all of them had the exact same response.

And there was certainly good reason for that response. Whether they worked with a vendor or tasked their internal team with the project, most of them were able to reduce their expenses at some level. So, yes, their efforts were absolutely successful in monitoring and reducing their wireless costs previously; and no, we would not expect them to think it was worth exploring this area any further.

But the reason all 100+ companies came to us for help anyway? Even after achieving these savings, cost reduction was still a high priority. They wanted to know if, given the progress they made previously in monitoring and auditing their expenses, there was anything more that could be done to help save money. And the answer was a resounding absolutely.

Time and time again, we’re able to achieve that extra level of savings that can’t be found through any other solution or resource. The carriers are so complex in how they configure their plans and billing structure that it takes a highly customized and analytical software to even begin to make a dent into the mess that is their billing set up. As they continue to evolve, create unlimited plans, and disguise their extra profit in different components of their monthly charges, businesses need someone one step ahead. On average, we achieve 23% in annual savings for companies on their carrier bills who come to us from another expense management vendor. If they handled expenses internally prior to engaging us, that number increases to 36%!

We like to compare wireless expense management to the act of cleaning your house. If you’ve never given much thought to cleaning it before, then you probably need to start by simply picking up all of the clothes and garbage everywhere. Once you pick this stuff up, the house begins to look a lot better and you feel good about it – to most people, it’s now “clean.” But anyone with an affinity for cleaning or tidiness knows that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cleaning the house. To really make it clean, you have to deep clean, scrub, sweep, wash, and dust every single crevice and corner of the house. And once it’s truly clean, you have to keep it that way by making a conscious effort every few weeks to perform the exact same process.

Wireless expense management follows the exact same pattern. Sure, you can handle things on your own or go with a vendor who is going to “pick up the clothes and trash,” but does that really make things clean? Over 100+ came to us because it was important to them that they reduce their costs as significantly as possible, and this meant moving beyond the easy stuff and diving into the dirty work.

The strategy worked for them, and we would love to show you how we can help make it work for you as well. Call 512-615-7600 or email to schedule a demo today.