Stability is Key

May 15, 2017

One unique aspect about the wireless industry as a whole is its rate of change. Carriers are constantly changing how they’re structured, how they charge their customers, and what kind of services they provide. Equipment manufacturers are constantly changing the newest phone, gadget, or accessory to keep up with their competition. And individuals are, as we all know, constantly changing what technology they enjoy, how they enjoy it, and what they are willing to spend.

Given this, there isn’t much within the wireless industry that ever stays the same, and the word “consistency” isn’t really part of the industry’s vocabulary. And this is certainly true within the realm of telecom expense management companies too. Our competitors are constantly changing, whether they are acquiring a smaller company, rebranding their suite of services, or overhauling their entire executive team. Which begs the question: With all of this change in the industry, is there anything that you can really count on?

It might take a while to find, but there is certainly stability to be found. For example, the Mindglobal ownership team has remained the exact same since its founding in 2000. No turnover, no acquisitions, and complete financial stability. Along with the ownership team, our team of client managers and department directors have all been with the company for over 4 years, with some as high as 12 years!

Thus, it’s not surprising that this type of stability stands out amongst an industry in which nothing seems to stay the same. And to be honest, it comes from a mentality that puts the customer above all else. In a stable, private company, we don’t have to worry about pleasing shareholders, outside investors, or any other influencing entity. Because of this, our main focus can be solely on our customers – every decision we make, strategy we implement, and solution that we deploy is all based on a desire to satisfy our customers and continue a fruitful relationship with them.

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