Sustained Client Savings Are a Key Benefit to Working With a TEM

June 29, 2021

Often prospective customers are curious about what long-term benefits they’ll receive from a TEM like Mindglobal. Many people mistakenly believe that once their rate plan has been evaluated and changes addressed, there isn’t much else that can be done. But let us paint a different picture for you – one of significant savings in TEM.

Our client, a leader in the oil & gas industry since the 1930s, has been working with a TEM for only around 15 months. They have seen the savings that rate plan analysis and optimization provides and have been able to reduce their mobile expenses by 65% since onboarding. A significant portion of the savings is due to the removal of large data packages from dozens of rate plans. However, the wireless provider they work with did not follow instructions and overlooked the removal of several data packages. 

The Mindglobal financial analysts assigned to this client noticed the issue and immediately began working with the wireless provider to ensure the plans were cancelled as requested, and that a credit be issued to the account, as hunting for sustained savings in TEM is what our team has done for more than 20 years.

After approximately 12 months of back-and-forth, and much due to the persistence of the Mindglobal team, the client received a credit, which equated to almost 25% of their annual spend in wireless!

The head of Telecom commented:

I wanted to thank you for all the months of work that you put forward to make this happen. I know that it has not been an easy battle to win, but through your dedication and tenacity, drove it over the finish line. Thank you once again for you dedication and partnership to us. Please know that our senior leadership is not only aware of your efforts but also appreciates them!

In the end, it is due to the partnership with have with our client and all the hard work that the Mindglobal team puts forward to not only keep account of all plans that were not removed but drove forward the credit to the end.