Unique Programs for Unique Clients

June 1, 2016

Telecom expense management, or TEM, has become a necessary practice for every enterprise. Wireless is something that touches almost everyone in an organization and its impact is incredibly significant. The necessity for customization is evident when looking at each organization’s pre-existing wireless setup, so Mindglobal steps in to identify where savings can occur and create a seamless TEM experience.


No two organizations are alike, so why should they have the same wireless rate plan? At Mindglobal, we don’t believe in one size fits all. Instead, we adapt each corporate wireless telecom expense management program to meet the unique needs of each unique client. We offer proven mobile resource management solutions by examining the wireless practices of the organization from a comprehensive perspective, and then consider a variety of options to optimize savings. Telecom expense management software and predictive trend analysis allow us to deliver plan alternatives along with projected savings for each business.


Even with creating a fully customized plan for an organization, we have a very short turnaround time. When launching a wireless plan, competitors typically take around six months, whereas at Mindglobal, we take six weeks to implement a plan. Because we reduce wireless costs immediately and ongoing by 20 to 40%, it’s our main objective to get a plan in place as soon as possible for optimal savings.


Within an organization, different people have different needs for wireless. Devices can be used by a highly intelligent user or a basic user. That being said, it is incredibly important to make the wireless experience as user-friendly as possible. When employees have questions, having a resource that knows the company’s policy inside and out is crucial to effectively work through troubleshooting and finding answers regarding corporate cellular usage.


Enter our Help Desk.


Our team of experienced professionals responds to employee inquiries, places work orders to manage requests for changes or repairs, and sends them to the appropriate vendors. We provide a single point of contact to handle all corporate wireless issues and user problems and support is available 24/7.


Personalization comes into play here because we have customer-dedicated teams trained on each organization’s processes. Having that dedicated team eliminates need for direct carrier interaction. Our team has the advantage of knowing what the carriers are capable of from extensive experience. Since we get a dedicated liaison with each carrier, we’re more effective and efficient with the carriers than a client reaching out on their own.
Our goal is to make an organization’s TEM experience as original and unique as the company itself. Through customization, we develop and implement a corporate wireless policy that is tailored to an organization’s specific requirements. Call 512-615-7600 or contact us at https://Mindglobal.com/contact/ to find out how we can create and personalize your company’s TEM program.