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30 Minutes Could Save You $30,000 on your Mobile Wireless Bills

May 3, 2017

At Mindglobal, it is our goal to help reduce costs for our clients within their mobility program. We want to help you organize mobility within your company and strategically implement mobile technology that will help create dramatic savings. So, how is it that we’ve found 15, 20, to 30% savings for our clients? The key is implementing a combination of process, automation, technology & service. From procuring and securing devices, to managing inventory and supporting our end users, we look to provide you with the resources you need to maintain a healthy mobility program.

It is essential to be aware of how much your company is currently spending on overage fees & breakage. We can help get you on track to avoid unnecessary overage fees or over-buying a service you won’t really end up using. It is also important to note that different organizations will have different needs for mobile technology. Mindglobal understands that your company’s usage patterns are unique and can help you reduce costs with monthly rate plan analysis. Understanding your usage will allow you to better negotiate with Mindglobal and therefore maximize your savings per month.

In this month’s recorded webinar, learn more about the importance of rate plan analysis and how to incorporate behavioral methods of cost reduction that will help you bring in dramatic savings. Learn how to implement an automated system to make it easy for employees to make the right decisions with their mobile technology, and how understanding your company’s usage patterns will better help you negotiate with carriers to produce greater monthly and annual savings.

Since the year 2000, Mindglobal has been helping Fortune 1,000 companies save thousands monthly through rate plan optimization and even further through “behavioral optimization” by helping to promote a culture of awareness and sound decisions when it comes to managing wireless expenses.