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BYOD Produces a $125K Phone Bill…Now What?

October 1, 2020

What happens when one of your employees racks up a phone bill for their company phone that’s way over $100K? What will you do if they look to you for assistance in paying it off? That kind of bill is no small matter. And yes, it happens, believe it or not. We understand because we’ve seen it firsthand, and yes it’s a scary thought if it were to happen to anyone.

It all started with the BYOD program. In this day and age, technology is moving faster than ever. Try to keep up. Odds are it will probably still outrun you. You’ll probably begin to see a pattern with your employees who are acquiring new technology the minute it’s been released. These employees will likely want to use that technology to make their work lives easier. Of course, with the number of millennials in the workplace today it’s bound to happen. However, you don’t need to fear a BYOD program, you just have to be prepared.

Certainly, you want to create an environment in which you are able to optimize costs while allowing flexibility for your employees to be connected on multiple devices in your mobility program. It can be done, but not without discipline. By that we mean, nobody can stop you from allowing a BYOD program, but in order to maintain a good one you’ve got to set yourself up for success. A wireless policy, corporate security, and clear communication about your guidelines should all be a part of the game-plan.

Watch our webinar today to learn more about the pros and cons of BYOD and how to prepare yourself should you decide you want to enhance the way you manage your company’s mobility program. You’ll learn more also about what might happen should one of your employees show up with a phone bill of over $100K.