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Did Your Enterprise Data Usage Spike During the World Cup?

September 7, 2018

If you thought all the savings from your wireless expense management (WEM) program have been wrung out, think again. During the recent World Cup soccer lovers streamed huge amounts of data keeping up with their team.

Did any of that streaming data hit your wireless bills or were you optimized to keep it from hitting your bottom line?

Watch Co-founder and Co-CEO Kevin Whitehurst and Finance Director Ben Savage as they share proven wireless expense management strategy for continued, ongoing savings by exploring key influential savings areas such as:

1. How to identify and manage unused or missing devices
2. Negotiate the best prices for devices and rate plans
3. Manage your wireless devices as assets to claim the value

Mindglobal is still finding savings of 40 to 70 percent in the first year for clients such as Tesla, The Coca-Cola Company and Humana. Can your organization afford not to hear this valuable information?

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