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How to Manage Explosive M2M Growth

October 16, 2015

In our recent webinar (available in its entirety above), we dove into how a company might manage m2m growth. Machine-to-machine technology (M2M) refers to the automated data transmission and measurement between mechanical or electronic devices. It involves at least two devices communicating with each other. One device sends information to another device, which reads the information and relays it back to a centralized hub to help manage a device, asset or process. M2M helps companies improve their processes and operate more efficiently. It can be used to track pipeline damage, track beverage machine inventory, improve safety, improve patient care/home monitoring, track inventory and innumerably more applications.

M2M is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, energy, transportation, beverage, retail, healthcare and consumer electronics, and it’s continuing to grow at a high rate. 25% of all businesses now use M2M to enhance productivity. 59% of these companies report significant ROI and 83% consider M2M a competitive advantage. Growth is projected to continue for at least the next 5-10 years with M2M devices reaching 12-20 billion by 2020. For comparison, there are a total of 6.8 billion cell phones today. By 2020, there will be more M2M devices shipped than PCs, cell phones and tablets combined. The highest rate of adoption is seen in the automotive, consumer electronics and energy & utilities industries.

M2M offers a lot of advantages, from increased ROI to improved efficiencies, but it brings with it a wealth of problems. Disparate projects leads to multiple strategies, multiple carriers and multiple contracts. Solutions must be scalable, and it’s difficult to manage zero usage, faulty and high usage devices, especially when you’re dealing with millions of devices. In fact, many organizations actually have no idea they are paying for M2M devices and are sacrificing their buying power in these contracts.

Our company is built on a platform of excellence in managing mobile devices. However, our ability to serve your company’s device management needs extends far beyond cell phones and tablets. We are equipped and prepared to manage anything connected to the wireless network through a wireless carrier within the realm of IT—and this includes machine to machine processes.


Mindglobal keeps M2M simple with centralized management

Our management plan includes creating a centralized strategy to secure and monitor the M2M process. Below you can find a workflow explaining the management process.

First, an automated solution is implemented to order large numbers of devices at one time. Mindglobal is able to order devices directly, helping to generate large scale orders. Devices are then shipped to customers for installation. We implement cost-saving measurements to ensure your company will pay the expected amount, and that devices work properly. Because each product may have a different administrative portal or information collecting device, these devices must be collected in a centralized database that allows any necessary action to be taken, such as data analysis or even repairing devices. In order to deploy a large number of machine devices, a centralized group (either within the company, or at Mindglobal) is absolutely necessary to monitor these processes. Mindglobal has an analysis team reading this data, as well as a support team ready to tackle issues that arise. In addition, Mindglobal software has a portal available to all users in the organization to provide data insight to your company.


Understanding the process further: a case study

Recently, we helped one company manage the cost of their machine devices by implementing a centralized solution. The business challenge was to install and activate up to 10 million M2M devices into products to be shipped to clients across the globe. To solve their problem, we used a provisioning solution, a cost solution and a support solution. We used our Mindglobal SMART Technology Platform to provision each M2M device to the manufacturing facility for install during the manufacturing process. Devices are sent from the facility already activated. To address the cost solution, Mindglobal manages the billing of each device, implements cost saving measures and creates monthly value reports. Finally, providing support for that many devices is difficult, but Mindglobal takes the burden. Mindglobal monitors activity of all devices and reports potential faulty/non-working devices, while also handling suspensions and terminations.

We start by managing processes through automation and policy. At the foundation is the inventory and enrollment. Understanding who has what device, which unit owns the M2M device or other device, where do they belong, where do they report to, etc. is crucial to optimizing and managing the devices effectively. We follow this by creating and enforcing policies. After the devices are deployed, we begin optimizing costs and reporting. We offer mobile device & application management (including security), as well as operations and help desk support.

M2M will help your business continue to grow significantly. Upon implementation, management moves over to our IT department. Creating a “Mobile Center of Excellence” is important to keep mobile efforts with M2M and mobile apps centralized.


Manage M2M/IoT with Mindglobal

Managing mass mobility devices is our core competency, and we are ready to guide your company to success with your M2M processes. With the Mindglobal SMART Technology Platform, M2M and connected devices can be inventoried and charges allocated easily. We monitor systems for real-time notices of malfunctioning devices and better rate plans. Finally, we support provisioning, suspension, and termination of devices with direct carrier integration. Talk with us today to achieve superior management of your company’s M2M processes.