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IT + Sustainability: How to reduce e-waste at an enterprise level

April 27, 2021

This 40-minute webinar by Mindglobal, Engie Impact and e-Cycle shares how companies can reduce their unnecessary telecom expenses, reuse and redeploy IT resources, and ultimately recycle unneeded hardware and devices.

Our panelists discuss the positive economic outcome and save the environment:

  • Economics: Smart technologies can be used to increase productivity, speed, quality, and the safety of operations aiming to increase economic sustainability.
  • Environmental: Information and communication technologies have been considered to have potential positive impacts to the environment by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Social: Smart technologies seem to have implications for social sustainability in terms of increasing safety and employment, enabling work/life balance through a remote workforce, and the ability to donate hardware to charitable organizations.

e-Cycle is dedicated to providing our clients with straightforward solutions, profitable outcomes, and secure processes that provide peace of mind while safeguarding the environment and remaining a fulfilling workplace for our employees. e-Cycle was established to meet the specific sustainability and data security challenges faced by leading corporations every day. https://www.e-cycle.com

ENGIE Impact was created to accelerate the sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments. People are demanding that businesses and public sector leaders do more to protect the planet. But while society is making strides toward a sustainable future, it isn’t happening fast enough. ENGIE Impact helps organizations embed sustainability into their operational strategies, allowing them to bridge the gap between sustainability commitments and realized results that capture economic value and make organizations more competitive over the long term. https://www.engieimpact.com

At Mindglobal, we believe that one-size does not fit all but rather through understanding our client’s business and their employee’s needs we can customize our support to help them save money, become more efficient, and ultimately increase productivity for their IT, telecom, procurement, sales, support and executive teams. We focus on three major areas for expense management solutions: wireless, fixed, and cloud storage. https://mindglobal.com